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Translation and Interpreting Services

I have been an independent translator and interpreter since 1985. My goal is to help you communicate clearly with your target audience and present a professional image in either Spanish or English.

Besides living in Argentina from age 8 to 28, my experience has taken me to almost every Spanish-speaking country in Central and South America. Living, studying and working in both the United States and South America has equipped me to assist you with a wide range of translation needs. I can help you with your translation projects, large or small, from English to Spanish, or vice versa. From translating simple documents and forms to complex training manuals and technical specifications, I will work with you or your company team in a manner that is reliable, responsible, accurate, collaborative, and attentive to your needs ... in a word, professional!

The Art of Translation

A translation is more than taking words from one language and putting them into another one. Since each language exists in the context of a culture, my goal is that my translations communicate as well in the target as the original does. In other words, they shouldn’t sound like a translation.

I have a very deep understanding of the nuances in both languages, which allows me to translate in both directions. With my years of living combined with my extensive travel in Spanish-speaking countries, I am able to communicate clearly with people from all regions of the Spanish speaking world.

Monolingual medical interpreting training

I have been involved in teaching since I was 12. At 15, I was on the school payroll at my grandmother’s school, and I was very proud of the grades my students got in an independently proctored final exam! Since teaching has always been part of my life, when I saw the lack of available training opportunities for interpreters in Oregon, I determined to provide a solution. Some of my students have commented that I am really a mentor, not a professor. I keep my class sizes under 30 students so I can adjust the homework assignments to the needs of the students.

A few words about the article, Reaching the 25%.

25% of the population of Aloha, where I live, is of Hispanic or Latino origin. It is the largest minority group. How do we reach them? Read more ...

Why “gaucha”?

In Spanish, a “gaucho” is a cowboy. However, in modern Argentine usage it is more than that. You do a “gauchada” (a favor) to a friend, expecting nothing in return. When you solve a problem creatively, you may be told “¡qué gaucho!” (What a “gaucho”!). Since I am a woman, I am a “gaucha”.

* Gaucha: creative problem solver, willing to go the extra mile.

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