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Translation Certification Study Resources

Translation Certification Training by Teleconference  Main Page

From the ATA Certification program:

Helpful documents for homework assignments:

From the WA DSHS Certification program

ATA Computerized exam

What is translation?

Articles on how to approach translation

English resources

Spanish Resources

Bilingual references

  • Word Reference
  • Linguee
  • Word Magic
  • Google Translate and Proz are not approved resources for the ATA computerized exam. No interactive resource (where you can ask a live question on a forum) is approved. The resources listed above are OK.
  • Click here to see the official ATA guidelines for computerized exams.

Plain Language

English copy editing training

Canada copy editing (includes certification)

Medical copy editing (AMWA has a certification program)

Resources from other translation certification programs


Copy editing tools to produce clean documents

A newsletter on Computer Assisted Translation issues

Jost Zetzche has been writing a newsletter for quite some time, and I highly recommend it. Click on the icon below to subscribe to his journal.

Other training on translation, technology and other issues